Multinational Diving Educators Association

MDEA - Instructors

What does MDEA stand for?
    Multinational Diving Educators Association
How old do you have to be to get certified?
    MDEA has youth programs that start at age 8.
Why do I have to get certified to dive?
    The MDEA level one Scuba course is designed to learn to dive safely and correctly. Your certification is proof that you have taken and passed the SCUBA course. No reputable dive shop or instructor will rent you gear, fill your tank, or let you dive at their facilities unless you are certified.
How deep may I go?
    MDEA is a recreational SCUBA organization. The maximum depth for sports diving is 100 feet but diving deeper than 60 feet requires additional training beyond the level one course.
Does my MDEA certification work everywhere?
    MDEA and all other nationally recognized certification agencies in the U.S. must be accepted equally as defined by the federal trade commission.
Does my dive certification expire?
    There is no expiration date on your MDEA certification. However, it's important that continue your diving practice and maintain some recent activity. Some dive operations may ask to see a log book with recent activity. A refresher course is recommended with a gap of at least 3 years.

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